We’ve Moved!!!! New Blog @Blog spot… January 15, 2008

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Hey I’ve started blogging on our new Blog site…I got all caught up this morning!!!! Yeah! I really missed blogging everyday!!! So Now back to the everyday blog entries! We are now at http://ourgroveoftrees.blogspot.com/

See You There!!! ūüôā I’ve posted Lots and Lots….


An Inner battle… December 31, 2007

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Okay so I’m cleaning¬†my kitchen¬†… so I have lots of time to think…so I’ve been doing just that. I think that I’ve figured something out about myself… I think I stick to¬†things I¬†KNOW I can do…and I try not to stray to far from that. What I mean is about two weeks ago my running buddy asked if I wanted to run a half marathon with her. I was really excited…but the closer it gets…the farther away I want it to be. So I was thinking…maybe you should just do the 10k…you know you can do that. But then I think, “Agnes…this is just like you….not wanting to push a little more because you don’t want to fail.” It’s like I’d rather stay in the light than take that faithful step into the dark… I¬†HATE that about me. Then I think… “how many times have you just settled for what you know you can do…instead of reaching what you really want to do because you are too afraid to fail?” I don’t want to end my life thinking…”humm,¬†I wonder if I could of been good at that?” I what to know that I tried things that I wasn’t quite sure I could do…and in some cases I¬†found success and if I didn’t it’s okay because ATLEAST¬†I tried. ¬†¬†I think that’s why primary president is SO hard to me…I feel like to be perfect at it …¬†is just out of my reach. I guess the next part is really obvious…just change your attitude and practice MORE FAITH…they say it really can take you far…father than you ever dreamed of. It’s good to know there’s a Father in Heaven who believes¬†WE can do more than¬†WE believe we¬†can,¬† that knowledge makes having faith in yourself a little easier.


It’s our Anniversary!!! December 30, 2007

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Guess who’s been married for 6 years today…or yesterday depending on how you see it…it is¬† 12:15am at this very moment¬†so it’s really the 30th now…anyway…) Yup, Timothy and I just celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary!!! this next June we will be able to say that we met 10years ago! Crazy how time flies…I still feel like that young girl starting her first year of college.

We are Lucky to share this day with a few of our friends… So I need to make some “shout outs”Margie and Ryan Happy 6th¬†Anniversary!!!! We miss you!!!¬†¬†We think about you all the time and we feel so blessed to share this day with you both…Hope all is well!

Today My sweet husband took me to Gordon Biersch¬† a yummy resturant then we walked through the outdoor mall to pass the time before seeing a movie. Can I just tell you that I am NOT a fan of scary movies and “I AM LEGEND” is crazy SCARY! it was WAY too intense for me…I jumped at everything! It didn’t seem like it was going to be a scary movie, because I saw the previews…and maybe I’m like way weird about stuff like that…but it was PHYSCO!!! My sweet husband was kind enough to put me out of my misery…I hid underneath my coat for about 3-5 min and he decided to be nice and leave with me.¬†I can’t do it…I just can’t do scary movies. It’s cause I get up during the night to deal with kids and Ella and I have a crazy imagination and my mind “gets the better of me.” We walked into another movie, JUNO as it had just started.¬† It was a good way to end the night. I laughed hard and loud, I cried…¬†and that to me is what movies are suppose to do to you. It would of been even better if she didn’t have such a dirty mouth. Anyways…

Sorry I haven’t been posting….I am almost done transfering¬†ALL of my posts to my new host site (Blogspot) WordPress is just soooo slow. I have like 7 more¬† posts and then¬†I will update you all on the last couple of weeks at our new Family blog: ourgroveoftrees.blogspot.com Oh and I’ve been tagged like three times…. so I’m gonna post the 7 things you may or not know about me soon! We should be all updated on our new site with in the next two days! Happy New Year guys!!!!¬†I can’t wait¬†see what 2008 has to offer!!!




TODAY… December 15, 2007

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Okay, so I know I take my kids out to play and stuff, but by their reaction today…you’d think they have never seen the outside of our house! I was making Chicken Cashew salad (we were going to the park for a picnic)¬†and I needed some mayo…so I called a neighbor to ask if we could use some. She said,”come on over” and I said to my kids Come on we are going to Lujan’s house. Now this is where they went crazy…running all around the living room, jumping they went crazy…they were super excited…but then Ezra’s eye met the corner of this…


And he looked like this…


So he spent some time on the couch with ice…


It looks really bad up close, but I thought I would spare you the details…he will definitely have a black eye ūüė¶

I guess we need to get out MORE ūüôā



At The Picnic With Mary and Beth! (Tim’s sisters)

The kids played…


Tim came to see his sisters…


The cookies went fast…


Everyone had fun…



Stockings… December 14, 2007

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fiesta-110.jpg         fiesta-111.jpg           

So a few days ago the kids were running around wearing plastic bags….I think I’m gonna stuff a bunch of these in their stockings…They’ll LOVE it! Ive got tons of plastic bags.¬†I’ll have even more after all the holiday shopping! ūüôā


Lots and Lots of Things! December 11, 2007

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fiesta-008.jpg      fiesta-006.jpg


Okay…So I started to paint and I wasn’t¬†pleased with the color…so, I had to get other paint. It was too similar to the color I already had… and so I decided to “play it safe” and pick a tan color. Hopefully I’ll fix my wall soon!

¬†“Christmas Corners” in¬†our home…

fiesta-017.jpg   fiesta-012.jpg



Ezra’s Preschool Field Trip to the Store!

fiesta-043.jpg    fiesta-036.jpg

 fiesta-054.jpg  fiesta-055.jpg



¬†Church¬†Ward Party….

At our party the Primary Presidency( Jolyn Sarah and I) had a “kid craft” Table. We let the kids¬†frost ice cream cones and decorated them like trees!

  fiesta-073.jpg  fiesta-075.jpg

          fiesta-077.jpg        fiesta-080.jpg



Ezra told Santa he wanted a Dragon…¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† Mara said,”I want¬†a Robot”¬†¬† …huh? ūüôā

fiesta-081.jpg  fiesta-087.jpg


Sunday after Church….

We finally got our Christmas tree up!!! Yea!!! The kids had more fun playing with the little Manger, my neighbor Becky brought over. It has this button that tells the story of the little baby Jesus and sings. They love it… Now Ezra has memorized the first few lines of the story. The other day I heard him say to Mara,”Mara, I’ll hold down the button… and you dance.”


fiesta-094.jpg  fiesta-098.jpg


 fiesta-100.jpg  fiesta-099.jpg

And TODAY… Ella wanted To snuggle with Ezra…. ūüôā¬† “Wild hair” woman…

fiesta-105.jpg fiesta-108.jpg


Stuff at our House… December 3, 2007

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turlock-002.jpg turlock-003.jpg

First Cut…

Just before we went “home for the holidays” Tim cut the lawn for the first time. It grew in so well…hard to believe it was just seed and not sod.




So…When we got home from our trip the kids played outside ALL day long. From like 9am to 5pm or so. Stopping only to eat and get water. This is as a result of all that play. Mara didn’t get her nap…and so when she came in upset with Ezra…I told her to sit right there until I could clean her feet off. Before I knew it she was fast asleep. Ezra is the background wondering why Mara did not come back out to play.



Ezra loves to color boxes…This is his latest piece of art… a shark. He traced his toy shark then colored it in. I said, “Ezra your box has got to go in the trash now but mommy took a picture of it.” I would keep them all but then I wouldn’t be able to find my way around the house with all of his artwork. But at least he got this picture ūüôā



Sweet Ella is FULL of energy! She crawls all around the house, pulls her self up to walk along¬†the couch,¬†takes stuff out of the dishwasher as I am loading…and anything else you can imagine! They grow so fast!



Now, this is cause I LOVE my hunny ūüôā He now works mostly from home. At the office he would enjoy a good lunch at whatever¬†Restaurant¬†with his buddies…now it’s Peanut butter¬†¬†and jelly or Mac n’ cheese. I wanted him to feel like we can have good lunches at home too…so I made him this yummy salad. Yesterday I mad a Poppy Seed Spinach Salad (It seems like all I make is cookies huh?) and I had left over sugared almonds and Poppy seed vinaigrette dressing. So I Put tomatoes, cucumbers, red onion, crasins, sugared Almonds, Swiss cheese, and Grilled Chicken all¬†on a bed of Romain¬†lettuce JUST for him….I made me one too…I didn’t want to be jealous of his ūüôā I used the poppy seed dressing and it was so good! He loved it too…


Well, I got some cleaning to do…I’m painting tonight…I’ll post pictures soon ūüôā